Over 50 years of combined well drilling experience

McCoy Drilling, Salida, Colorado

McCoy Well Drilling Services

Water Well Drilling

Our wells include well casing designed for the formation being drilled, perforated casing in water bearing formations, gravel pack , standard sanitary seal and well development to complete the well.

When bentonite mud is required for drilling , we use our portable mud pit and shaker which minimizes damage to surrounding landscaping and terrain.

Well Abandonment

Some older wells require abandonment.  All well abandonments are performed to State of Colorado Water Resources standards and regulation.

After pulling the existing pump, the well is cleaned , casing is removed or perforated and cement grout is pumped from the bottom of the well to the surface.


McCoy Drilling not only drills water wells, but we do test and monitor drilling as required by engineering companies to find water zones and monitor contaminants.

McCoy Drilling has been drilling geothermal wells for domestic heating since 1978. Many have found that home heating requirements are more cost effective using nature’s resources.  If your well is in a known geothermal area, we can help!

Water Well Pump Services in Southern Colorado

Not all wells are created equal

Depth to ledge (rock) and water needs determine the best type of well for your property.

We will help you determine the type of well that best fits your needs, size the proper pump, where to locate the well and, if necessary, the proper water treatment system for your home or building.

Our goal is to handle all your water needs from the ground up

We drill for new home construction, replacement wells for existing homes, commercial buildings and housing developments. We also install residential and commercial geothermal wells and irrigation wells. In most cases it takes one day to drill a well and the pump is usually installed the next day.